Saturday, December 22, 2012

Abigail the Photographer

Abigail is a LITTLE obsessed with taking pictures with my phone. At Sam's Club the other day she was taking pictures of everything. Here is a small fraction of her handy work from that day...(she took 53 pictures in about 10 minutes)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Little Studmuffin

Hayden will probably kill me one day for telling this story, BUT I have to!! It is just too funny not to tell. He tells me the other night that there are so many girls at school that want to be his girlfriend. There are so many, that on the playground the following day, the girls are going to all line up and he is going to pick one!! WHAT??? I bout fell out of my chair! He was so serious and it was so precious. He also told me (as he swoops his hair across his forehead), that they like him because of his hair!! So I guess its safe to say that his long beach blonde hair is doing wonders for his social life! He said they didn't line up though, he had them race. Whoever was the fastest was his girlfriend. I asked him who won and does he have a girlfriend now....He said yes, but he can't remember her name! Hahaha! So all that build up about his "girlfriends" but he can't remember any names! Gotta love kids and their carefree lives.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas at LuLu's

We went to LuLu's for their big Christmas festivities. They had Billy Claus (Santa's brother) who flew in on a seaplane right in front of us. The kids were so amazed. Before he got there Miss LuLu read all the kids the Billy Claus book, that she personally wrote. Then all the kids got to go up and see Billy and tell him want they want for Christmas. They had all kinds of crafts projects for the kids to do at picnic tables. They love doing crafts, so they loved it. Abigail calls crafts "crack" for some reason, so of course she loved doing crack that day. hehehe  There was a boat parade that evening too. So it was a fun fun day. We will definitely be going to this event annually. 

 Everyone got multiple glitter tattoos!

We love the LuLuBelles!!