Friday, April 5, 2013

The "P" sound

Emmaline has trouble saying the P sound. She says the T sound instead. At first we really didn't notice it because she didn't speak too much. Now that she talks nonstop, we definitely notice!  She says TaTaw instead of PaPaw, for my Dad. It is quite hilarious. My Dad said he wished she was the first born grandchild, so he could be called TaTaw by all. He said it is much better than Papaw! (and funnier too)  Now that she is potty trained she is constantly saying, "I need to go teetee" or "I need to go tootoo!"  It is really really funny. I try and try to get her to say P-P-P-P, and she gives it all she's got and still says T-T-T-T. So I will keep working on it with her, while I silently laugh hysterically inside, as she runs to the "totty" screaming "I need to go tootoo!!!!!!!"

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