Friday, March 22, 2013


Since November Emmaline has been wearing pull-ups and going #2 in the potty. (only 1 accident in 4 months!! If you have kids then you know how huge that is!) She didn't quite have the hang of going #1, so I haven't pushed it. She wanted to wear panties on Monday, so I said sure why not! She only had 2 accidents the first 2 days, and no accidents since. She even goes on her own without me saying every 15 minutes..."Do you need to go potty?"  So I guess she is officially potty trained! This makes me happy because no more pull-ups, but said because it means my youngest little baby is growing up. I am so glad to see her grow but wish she would just slow down a little bit! HA! She definitely talks more than the other 2 did at this age. She doesn't just say sentences, she will say paragraphs! I guess she has learned a lot from her big brother and sister. She is still a wild child who loves to scream! I wish she would grow out of that stage, like yesterday!!!

She loves to pick out her own outfit!

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