Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

All of things Abigail says are pretty funny, BUT this one takes the cake. It came from my Mom, so I didn't witness her saying this, but I can only imagine the look and tone she gave my mother.

We went to my parents house the other day to fix the tire on our boat trailer. We were not staying long because we had to get back to Spanish Fort to get Hayden from school. The girls went inside anyways to visit while I helped Sean fix something on the boat. This is how it went when Abigail got inside.

Abigail:    MaMaw will you turn on NickJR?
MaMaw: No, I don't think yall are staying very long.
Abigail:    MaMaw just say yes mam and do it
MaMaw:  Yes Mam

I guess Abigail has heard that line a time or two....

some of her photography handy-work

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